Let's Learn Japanese Online! with Masumi Timson

This 10-week course is for those who have little or no previous Japanese language study experience, and have an interest in learning Japanese language and culture. The course is designed to develop four basic skills in Japanese language: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. All ages are welcome.

Participants will learn how to introduce themselves, how to ask people their names and what they do, how to tell and ask for the time, phone numbers, simple greetings and expressions used in everyday life, Japanese writing system "Hiragana" and some simple Chinese characters. Some aspects of Japanese culture and tradition will be covered as well. The instructional materials will be provided via email.

Class Type: Online, small group classes (4 members maximum) and individual classes available

Course term: 10 weeks
Online Course Requirements: ZOOM
    iPad or Laptop computer
    Windows 10 or Mac OS 10.14 Mojave or OS 10.15 Catalina
    Headphones and mike
    Microsoft OneDrive 4+File & photo cloud storage (Mac & PC)

Refunds will not be available. Please address questions regarding the course to Masumi Timson at Masumi.timson@gmail.com.

If you would like to discuss an alternate payment plan, please contact the Salem Multicultural Institute office at 503-581-2004 or info@salemmulticultural.org