Humanitarian Realities in Ukraine

Humanitarian Realities in Ukraine & Unmasking Propaganda Disinformation

With presenters Yulia Brockdorf, RD, LD, CDCES, CST, NCC, LPC, BC-ADM, LMHC, FAIHM, LN, CD; and Dawn Nowacki, PhD

Yulia Brockdorf is a psychotherapist and dietitian specializing in trauma, diabetes and integrative health. Yulia is a co-founder and president of DAWN, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to humanitarian causes in supporting Ukraine. Yulia is actively involved in both national and local initiatives, serving on multiple committees and editorial boards. She leads the Oregon-Cherkasy Sister States project and is a member of several professional organizations and networks supporting Ukraine. Yulia travels to frontline parts of Ukraine, where she provides psychotherapy and delivers medical aid. She experienced living conditions of Ukrainian defenders and is an eye witness of atrocities committed against Ukraine and her people.

Dr. Dawn Nowacki received a Ph.D in Political Science from Emory University in Atlanta, and has taught comparative politics at Linfield University in Oregon since 1994. She worked for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in the early 1980s as an analyst for the Soviet Area Audience and Opinion Research department in Paris. Her research interests and academic work concern gender and leadership in post-Soviet states, religion & politics in the Muslim world, and the inclusion of underrepresented groups in international relations.

This presentation will take place in the fellowship hall at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Salem.