Finding Home Again: Stories from Our Refugee Neighbors

Refugees are just like you and me. They have families, hopes, and dreams. They want to make contributions to the community and provide a future for their children. Unfortunately, many have been forced to leave their homes because of persecution, war, and violence. It is estimated that currently 22.5 Million people are displaced as refugees for these reasons.

Since 2015, Salem had the privileged to welcome refugees into our communities. We are pleased to be collaborating with Salem for Refugees to bring you Finding Home Again: The Story of our Refugee Neighbors. this photographic display of their unique (albeit, too common) experience. Each refugee was interviewed by our volunteer gallery staff. This exhibit introduces several of our new neighbors in words and pictures. Each participant has a unique story to tell. But the common theme is the desire to escape unimaginably difficult circumstances to find safety in a new home. They honor us by sharing their history and dreams for the future. Featured countries include: Cote d'Ivoire, Syria, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Venezuela, and Somalia.

We are also pleased to invite Waldo Middle School's award winning ESL teacher, Sarah Ferguson-Manon to participate in the Exhibit. We will be continuously rotating our the student's art work and stories. Please visit frequently to learn more about our new neighbors.

Join us in celebrating the lives of our newest Salem neighbors. They have much to teach us about respect and tolerance. We hope they are happy to be Finding Home Again.